Q&A with Lea Michele of ‘Glee’

It’s that season again … the time for pumping our fists into the air during a Journey medley, yelling at the TV screen for Rachel and Finn to finally be a couple and gut laughing at Sue’s snide sarcastic remarks. Now if you are wondering what’s going on, well ask any Gleek and they will say: “Season two of ‘Glee’ is here!”

For Gleeks, these past months without “Glee” have been very quiet and music-less, but season two premieres Tuesday, Sept. 21 on Fox.

With that, the star of “Glee,” Lea Michele, who plays Rachel, took the time to answer a few questions to get fans geared up for the new season, as well as talk about her role as Dorothy in the new “Dorothy of OZ” movie.

The State Press: With season two of “Glee” starting up next week, what can the viewers expect to see with the show and Rachel?

Lea Michele: Well she and Finn are together now, so you’ll get to see what Rachel is like in a relationship. We have some great musical numbers and an awesome Britney Spears and “Rocky Horror” episode coming up.

SP: I saw you on the “Glee” tour when you guys were out here in Arizona and it was amazing, any word on if you guys will do another tour for the second season?

LM: I’m sure we’ll do another tour at some point, but right now we have to finish season two. But the tour was so fun and great; I’d love to do it again.

SP: What has been your favorite song to perform on “Glee” so far?

LM: “Don’t Rain On My Parade.”

SP: You got to do the voice of Dorothy in Dorothy of OZ, which is very exciting. How different is it to do a voiceover for a character rather than act it out on screen?

LM: Well, it’s really fun recording “Dorothy of Oz” because I get to go in my PJ’s and don’t have to do hair and makeup. [Laughs] It’s been really awesome so far. I’m having a lot of fun playing a different character and working on vocal expressions and stuff.

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