Letter to the Editor: Feb. 7


(In reference to the Feb. 2 letter to the editor, “Hypocrisy in Democracy.”)

This is a response to the aptly named letter to the editor “Hypocrisy in Democracy.” I say aptly named because I am a person who appreciates irony.

Calling the Jan. 31 demonstration a “hate Israel rally” is beyond ridiculous because it seems that ANY demonstration that expresses displeasure with the Israeli Occupation is ALWAYS labeled by some an Israel hate rally — regardless of how peaceful or what the grievances are.

To say that the protests in Egypt have nothing to do with Israel is a sign of total ignorance on the subject of both geography and contemporary politics.

Egypt borders Israel and Gaza. If the Mubarak government was anything but a puppet regime, then the inhumane siege on Gaza would have never happened in the first place.

Israel is also not the only democracy in the Middle East. The Palestinians in a free and fair election under international monitors elected Hamas in 2006. Just because we didn’t like the outcome does not mean that it is any less of a democracy, by definition.

In terms of human rights, Israel has ignored more U.N. resolutions than any other country, and several of its government officials are unable to travel to many countries in the world because of warrants for their arrests.

And as far as freedom of religion in Israel is concerned, I am sure you would find many non-Jewish Israeli citizens who would disagree with you.

While I am not Palestinian, nor Muslim, I do believe it is our job here in America to speak up against these injustices in Palestine, Iraq, Egypt or elsewhere. Besides which, the demonstration was sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine, no hypocrisy there. Please excuse them for supporting more than one cause at a time. It’s called multitasking.
Linda Haddad