Letters: Sept. 13


(In response to Alex Gregory’s Sept. 6 column, “An Unhealthy Selection”)

I just wanted to remind students that there are restaurants and a community in downtown Phoenix that are not right on campus; for example the Fair Trade Cafe in Civic Space Park.
While the Downtown campus itself may not be inspired when it comes to healthy food, all it takes is a three-minute walk to find what you’re looking for, and the prices are not steep.
Monday through Friday Fair Trade Cafe serves a Better Earth Menu lunch. These lunches are 90 percent organic, made with fresh, season-friendly local produce and it’s often vegan to boot.
Take for example what I had for lunch, black bean burgers with homemade salsa, focaccia bread and cucumber salad.
All for a whopping $5.50.
There are healthy options for those who are scared away by the word vegan as well: turkey sandwiches piled high with veggies, or the curry chicken sandwich.
Total cost: $6.50, plus tax.
So while yes, your M&G may go to waste, there certainly is a healthy eating option. Just walk right across the street. They take Sun Dollars.

Hannah Lurie

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