Broke’s the New Black: How to Wear Spring Trends

Adam Andrascik for Spring/Summer 2012. Photo from

Spring is in the air — as are all of the new and refreshing trends. Some trends are brand new, while others have made it onto the runway a time or two. Luckily for us, that means we can recycle the past year’s outfits in new ways.

Graphic florals are taking the runway by storm. This playful pattern is never short of fun and refreshing. Because it is available in so many colors, it is a print that would look great on anyone. If you don’t prefer bolder prints on clothing, try muted versions of it. Another option to lessen the trend is using floral accessories such as a bag or finding the pattern on a scarf.

Another pattern that likely already has a place in our closet is polka dots. Just the same as florals, you can tone down the exuberance of polka dots by finding accessories with the pattern instead of full garments.

Nothing says spring like bright colors. Combinations of yellow and black are trendy, as well as bright neons and tangerines. Just like polka dots and florals, these trends can

Christian Siriano for Spring/Summer 2012. Photo from

be easily attained through accessories.

Metallics are one spring trend that stand out from the rest. This clean and futuristic trend can be followed in many ways as well. The simplest version would be jewelry. Bold cuffs and statement necklaces can be found in these materials. Another great factor to metallic accessories is that they can be matched with the other trends mentioned earlier in the blog.


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