Piece of Craft: Make Meaning Through Your Creativity

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new crafty spot in town. Make Meaning is a new creative activity center located in Scottsdale. Started in New York City, Make Meaning opened fairly recently to give crafters a new place to create. The crafty center has a variety of activities that customers can choose from, including cake decorating, ceramics, candles, glass crafts, jewelry, soap and paper crafts.

Make Meaning has taken off on the east coast; with it’s launch in Scottsdale, perhaps it will be a hit on the west! Photo from makemeaning.com.

So how does Make Meaning work? You can walk in, or have a reservation (reservations are preferred). So you go in and begin working in your corner on whatever crafty project you want.  There are “creativity enthusiasts” to help you along the way with your project.  You can also attend classes and events.  There are all different types of classes, including series classes (these are theme or skill-based classes that are offered for different lengths of time), specialty classes (these classes focus on a specific skill or technique), technique classes (introductory classes to one of the seven creative experiences), custom classes, and creativity escapes for kids.

The seven creative experiences are really cool and give you the opportunity to truly experiment in a new creative field, whether you take a class or not.  In cake decorating, there are cakes set out for the customer to decorate with icing and other various toppings however he or she sees fit. In ceramics you can choose to work with a wide variety of baked and non-baked pieces.  Candles and soap are fairly self-explanatory — you can make both those crafts! In the glass crafts, you can make glass pendants, cufflinks, plates and rings, among other items. You can use any of the pendants or beads that you make in glass crafts for the jewelry crafting.  If not, there is a wide assortment of beads to make necklaces, bracelets and other items.  Paper crafts include making cards, bangles, iPhone screen prints and so many other items.

The cost of attending Make Meaning classes or just going to the location in general is very reasonable if you like to craft as much as possible. With a membership, all you have to pay is the cost of your activity each time (whereas if you didn’t have a membership you would have to pay much more).  The membership costs $26.  This also gives you a discount on classes and other promotional values.

My plan this summer is to definitely check out Make Meaning.  I think anyone who is into crafts and art should check it out! It sounds like the perfect place for the creative mind.

Make Meaning is located at the Scottsdale Quarter right across from Kierland Commons. Contact me for any questions or comments at fbreisbl@asu.edu.