State Press Weekly: Women in combat, the flu vaccination and ASU’s smoking ban


Week of January 28th
Last week the Pentagon announced women would be allowed to serve in combat roles and on the front lines, overturning a 1994 rule banning such service for servicewomen. Captain Jason Mammoser from the ASU Army ROTC sits down with SP Weekly to talks about this change and how it may or may not effect ROTC life for current and prospective cadets.

SP Weekly reporter Courtland Jeffrey speaks with ASU Director of Health Services Dr. Allan Markus about this winter’s extreme flu season, and how effective the flu vaccination is at warding off influenza.

ASU USG President Mark Naufel speaks with SP Weekly about his goals for the spring semester and how he is fighting to make sure ASU receives its fair share of state funding for higher education and discusses ASU’s up-coming smoking ban.

Produced by
Erin Patrick O’Connor
Riis Valcho
Courtland Jeffrey
Sydney Schuman
Julie Vitkovskaya
Directed by
Riis Valcho
Edited by
Erin Patrick O’Connor
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Dexter Britain