State Press Weekly: Gun Education, the Phoenix Chorale and SPM Preview


Week of February 4th
As the debate over guns in our society continues to become more intense from all sides of the issue, reporters Sydney Schumam and Courtland Jeffrey explore a different argument: the place of educating people on gun safety to prevent more shootings and how some believe it doesn’t make a difference how educated people are on guns.

Arts and entertainment reporter Yvonne Gonzalez sits down with ASU graduate student Joshua Hillmann, member of the Grammy award winning Phoenix Chorale and SPM editor-in-chief Mary Richardson previews the magazine’s fresh February issue, “Fanatic.”

Produced by
Erin Patrick O’Connor
Riis Valcho
Courtland Jeffrey
Sydney Schuman
Julie Vitkovskaya
Edited by
Erin Patrick O’Connor
Music by
Dexter Britain