Stars in Stereo invades the Marquee

Stars in Stereo shook the Marquee Theatre in Tempe on Saturday night, serving as the opening act for Flyleaf and Drowning Pool.

Hundreds of fans gathered together to listen and dance to a mixture of punk/rock and soulful jams while the opening act, Stars in Stereo, fed the thirsty ears of listeners powerful ballads and tunes full of lyrics about life problems.

Pyrotechnics and flashy lighting combined with the dark environment made the music more lively and helped get the audience in the mood for a spectacular performance. Although Flyleaf’s and Drowning Pool’s fans were different, the band was able to bring out a really great and positive response from the audience.

At first, the crowd wasn’t as engaged, but as soon as the band sang the classic Aerosmith song, “Dream On,” the crowd went crazy, with hands up in the air and some jumping up and down to the beat. Stars in Stereo’s bass was so loud, it made members of the audience’s chests jump the entire time.

Lead singer Becca Hollcraft was decked out in a black leather outfit and long jet-black hair, epitomizing the band’s intensity. Hollcraft has vocals similar to Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, and a combination of sound akin to Tegan and Sara.

For music junkies, some of the music might have seemed overly cliché, but it still managed to surprise audiences with moments of syncopation.

The Stars in Stereo’s self-titled album will be released April 9.

The new album is, according to Hollcraft, written entirely by the whole band and based on things that are “tough in life” with a “positive spin.” The album is not entirely rock, as it features some electronica and some ballads for the mellow listeners.

Most of the tunes are actually enjoyable to the ear and not overwhelming if your tastes are more in the “Top 40.”

Stars in Stereo truly poured its heart out on stage and managed to turn a dead crowd into a roaring one. This is definitely a band to check out if your tastes are mainstream, but you would love to venture into different genres.

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