Devil Dish: Thank you

In April of 2011, I walked on to the ASU campus looking for the Matthews Center, home of The State Press.

I was still a senior in high school, and finding the building on the big campus was not an easy task.

By the time I stepped into the sports office I was a sweaty mess, not the best look for a kid trying to get a job.

But life goes on, and I had my interview.

A month later, The State Press hired me on as a sports reporter, and it still remains the best moment of my college experience.

I’ve covered six sports in five semesters.

I witnessed the ASU women’s cross-country team and women’s soccer team squeak into the NCAA championships at the last moment.

I witnessed a national champion in ASU track and field athlete Jordan Clarke.

I witnessed ASU baseball make it back to the postseason just a season removed from sanctions.

And now I’m witnessing ASU football’s best season in recent memory.

Next semester I won’t be returning, but I’ll never forget what the newspaper has allowed me to accomplish during the past two and a half years.

Thank you, State Press. That lost high school kid is now just a distant memory.

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