Devil Dish: Winston case perpetuates college rape culture

Florida State fans will sleep well knowing that their star quarterback, redshirt freshman Jameis Winston, has been cleared of felony sexual assault and rape charges.

Winston’s accuser and victim’s of sexual violence everywhere – especially those in college environments – will probably not sleep at all, though.

Yet another botched police investigation and blatant disregard for the sexual harassment rules stated in Title IX have vilified and humiliated another possible victim of sexual violence.

Preferential treatment for star athletes is nothing new, but the victim-blaming and lack of interest in pursuing justice (or even an investigation) for the alleged victims of sexual violence is getting old.

Meanwhile, Winston is hiding behind statements from his lawyer and must be overjoyed that he was cleared just days before Heisman votes are due.

Coincidence? Maybe, but probably not.

Now, I’m not saying that Winston is guilty; I’m merely trying to point out how the potential victim of this alleged crime might feel and how she deserves at least a fair investigation, regardless of how many touchdowns or yards her alleged attacker has racked up and regardless of his team’s national championship hopes.

The more we allow these stones to go unturned, the more we enable star athletes and other celebrities who are depraved to run amok.

I’m a red-blooded, football-lovin’ American just like the next guy, but I do not condone rape or the perpetuation of rape culture.

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