Devil Dish

Published On:
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
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Why is it that in baseball, there is a best-of-five playoff series before there is a best-of-seven?

It’s worth asking.

After surviving the longest season in American sports — 162 games (163 for the White Sox and the Twins) — and proving to be among the best eight teams in baseball, why does baseball undercut its first round?

You’d think the time put in during the regular season would at least grant teams an honest postseason.

Where’s the consistency?

The baseball season is designed to test a team’s ability to survive.

Why not let Anaheim and Boston fight it out for seven games? Cutting the series short significantly changes the strategy and usually helps the team with the most limited pitching.

And for away teams, the pressure is all the more intense. Their first two games are on the road, which could put them in a hole immediately.
Baseball needs to add two games to the first round of each divisional series. After 162 games, the teams and fans deserve a fair and equal postseason.