How to: Blow smoke rings

Smoke Ring (10-01-08)
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008
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We at SPM don’t advocate students smoking tobacco, whether it’s cigs, cigars or hookah.

But for all those smokers out there, how about showing off some smoke rings? For those who are lacking some cool-smoke-trick knowledge, one student says he knows a way of pulling them off.

Anthony Salibi is a freshman studying Kinesiology. Salibi has been a smoker for the past four years and says he has been able to pull it off through practice and discipline of his own. Though it helps to be used to inhaling smoke, Salibi says one doesn’t need to be a regular smoker to do this trick. He says the biggest factor when trying to blow rings is the wind, so only try this trick where no kind of a breeze can disturb. He says some of the best results can be done using hookah because it cools the smoke as it’s being puffed, allowing for more smoke to be taken in than just a cigarette or cigar.

  1. Take a drag of the tobacco being smoked. When dragging, puff as much as possible, but don’t do anymore than what feels comfortable. Try to hold the smoke in the mouth, but don’t inhale into the lungs.
  2. Shape the mouth in an “O” shape, but try to keep the shape as tight as possible. Don’t just have the mouth gaping wide open.
  3. Keep the tongue positioned in the middle of the mouth. He says it’s best to not have it resting or clinging to the roof of the mouth.
  4. When exhaling, push the smoke out in small and controlled increments. He says it’s almost a cough-like push done when exhaling the smoke.

Salibi says the first few pushes usually have the best results. He says some advanced tricks one can do are to put a finger in front of the mouth in a “hushing” manner to blow out two rings at the same time and to tap the top of a blown ring to make it turn into a heart.