Devil Dish

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008
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It’s a four-horse race again in the NFC East.

The Cowboys (4-2), Redskins (4-2), and Giants (4-1) all lost this weekend, allowing Philadelphia (3-3) to enter the picture.

I’m already exhausted.

There’s a one and a half game of separation between all four teams in the division.

The East has more combined wins than any other division in the NFL, with the exception of the NFC South.

OK, maybe I shouldn’t be so open, but I admit it: I’m a Cowboys fan.

I have gotten enough texts. I have heard it all. I was there Sunday. Enough said.

But I assure you, my experience as a Cowboy fan has seen far worse. My seat belt was buckled before you ever had a car. I know what’s coming.

And that’s because anything and everything will probably happen.

Seventeen weeks are hardly enough, and the only guarantee is that it won’t be easy.

Trust me, I don’t want my team in this division. It sucks.

Heck, I remember when we at least had the Cardinals to entertain.

Man, those were the days. Those were the days.