Devil Dish

Published On:
Wednesday, October 29, 2008
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Finally, something interesting in this year’s World Series.

The weather got on the scoreboard Monday, taking the “thunder” away from an already lightning-less Series.

Did you see ESPN’s coverage? It was like a bomb had gone off.

Reporters were stocked away in the dugout as if it was the only safe place to be in the greater Philadelphia area.

For a second it really looked as if ESPN were covering a war.

And who out there wasn’t rooting for this Fall Classic to end in the sixth inning with the Phillies ahead?

In hindsight, we know the game would not have ended anything short of nine innings.

But wondering if MLB Commissioner Bud Selig would call the game after six innings had me feeling like it was the bottom of the ninth in Game 7.

FOX has got to love the drama.

It knows even the biggest baseball loathers can find the attention span to watch a 3 and a half-inning sprint to possibly decide the Championship.

It’s for that reason that I can tell you I’ll be watching.

Weather permitting, of course.