Devil Dish

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008
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If there's one thing I've learned through my years of observing sports, it's that while the athletes make all the money and get all the fame, they work for us on the holidays.

Make no mistake about it.

While we're opening gifts under a tree, Kobe is out dropping 40 on an ABC Sports special.

While we're still drunk from a New Year's Eve night, Joe Paterno is calling plays from the booth.

And on Thanksgiving Day this week, it'll be the Cowboys, Cardinals, and whoever plays the Lions (it doesn't matter at this point) that will do the hard labor on our day off.

Maybe that's the great equalizer.

OK, maybe millions of dollars says it isn’t.

But at least I'll always be able to say to the Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald, "I don't work on holidays.”
And while the 22-karat, diamond-studded shirt he's sure to be wearing might seem worth it; Fitzgerald is still got until retirement to know what it feels like to have the holidays off.

So for all the fortunate, non-multimillion-dollar sports fans out there: happy holidays.
This season, you’re the boss.