Fresh ink

I may not be going under the needle, but I’m still a little nervous ... yet ready to sit in the chair.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008
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One of the most tempting things in life has to be the urge to ask someone about their tattoo.

I mean, there it is, sitting on the shoulder of the girl standing in line for Starbucks, swirling off onto her arm even.

Sure, for some, there is probably no story behind the ink other than “I was drunk” or “I just like fairies.” But for others, like the students, faculty and alumni in this week’s cover story by photographer Deanna Dent (Art of the student body, page 16), there is meaning. Just as if you gave in and tapped that tattooed girl on the shoulder, they have agreed to not only talk about their body art, but to show it off, too.

I won’t be showing off any body art. I don’t have a tattoo … yet. I always promised myself that when I accomplished something huge (writing a novel, traveling the world, opening a jar of pickles without help, etc.), I would get one to commemorate the act.

Now, having been at the helm as editor in chief of SPM for the first time, I think I might be getting a tattoo at the end of this semester. I watched Celeste work her magic with the ink last semester, and she left me with a beautiful outline. Now I just need to fill the rest in myself. But this is my passion, my art, and I’ll gladly take a few hours of pain to get this imprint (or print) done.

The tattooed guys and gals in the cover aren’t the only ones sharing their stories. The Voice section is still going to be here each week, letting students share on their own terms. However, it is aptly now called “What’s Your Story?” and is going to be a new collaboration between us, the Web Devil and SDTV. If you’re eager to tell everyone about yourself, send us an e-mail.

If the ink from SPM is just too much for your delicate hands to handle each week, check us out (better than ever) on the Web Devil, too (we now have our own tab!). And, in the end … the very end of the issue … we’ve added a new section. “Do It” will provide a weekly how-to on what we believe are the important things in life. With all the hassle of moving in as school starts, a good deal of students could probably benefit from this week’s how-to: Feng Shui a room.

I’ve heard more than one person say that getting tattoos becomes an addiction. Mel, one of our assistant editors, will be covering a different addiction on a weekly basis: texting. His column will provide some ideas on how to get those messages sent faster before your teacher notices your iPhone under the desk.

This might not be as permanent as getting inked, but this will be SPM for the semester. So enjoy, and if you don’t, suck it. Oh wait, that was last semester.