Devil Dish

Published On:
Tuesday, February 24, 2009
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Things are absolutely ridiculous on ESPN. While the station might assert itself as the “Worldwide Leader in Sports,” I’m here to asset it as the worldwide leader in fluff.

“Sportscenter,” ESPN’s keynote program, shows about as much content as a Cliff Notes version of the day in sports.

But even Cliff Notes is reputable enough not to waste viewers’ time and sponsors’ money on segments like “The Mt. Rushmore of Sports.”

And unlike Cliff Notes, “Sportscenter” wastes a 60-to-90-minute show on repetitive coverage of events it views as relevant, emphasizing not sport but instead big names.

While “Sportscenter” obviously has to be aware of its demographic audience, at what point does repetitive obsession and mindless segments translate into bad journalism?

Adding to this is its lack of specific coverage during specific shows, from “Midnight Madness” to “NBA Fastbreak.”

ESPN seems more concerned with telling its audience what it should like than being the reputable and comprehensive sports news service it was founded as.