04-01-09 Lana Burke
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009
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If hair is your crowning glory, well, mine is in need of some polishing. Ever since I was little I’ve been interested in hair and how to alter it. Or at least the color of it. Being an exceptionally pale-haired child I was able to use spray on color to great effect until my parents allowed me to actually dye my hair when I was 13.

My first color choice was Atlantic Blue from Jerome Russell’s Punky Colour line. I looked like a Smurf, though that was my own fault for letting the dye wash down my face as I rinsed it out thus giving my skin and eyebrows a blue-ish undertone for a few days. Despite my unintentional Smurf costume, this did not deter me from the wild world of color, and since that time I have bleached, dyed and dismantled my hair on a regular basis, all of which has damaged my hair to some extent or another. This is why Lauren Cusimano’s article “Stop Hair Crimes,” strikes close to home with me by discussing hair repair options on the cheap. I don’t have to tell you that money is tight now at the magazine and everywhere else. You can read Catherine Traywick’s article on “Students and the Economic Crisis” to see how the current financial climate has drastically effected your beloved classmates and school.

I can’t afford to go spend hundreds of dollars, heck even 20 dollars, repairing my hair, and I was never one to have my hair colored or de-colored carefully at a salon; that’d take half the fun out of it. So any suggestions on how I can break things out of my kitchen cabinet and rub them on my hair or just drink more water in the name of better hair, I’m all for it.

But wait, we here at the magazine aren’t only going to help you out in the cheapo hair repair department, no way. We’ve got a few other deals up our sleeves; here are some other money saving ideas to be found in this week’s SPM:

-Listening to almost any song you want for free on your computer at

-Attending student composer Vasilli Makavos’s free concert performed for the public right here at ASU on April 6th. Read all about it and Makavos’s unusual inspiration for the composition in Theresa Dillon’s article, “The sight of music.”

-We’re not condoning it, and certainly don’t try to do this on campus where they monitor your every Internet move, but for those who want to download music for free, you might be interested in new not-getting-sued developments when it comes to illegal downloads. Read all about it in Whitney Smith’s “Limewire legal? We wish.”

-Attending the Phoenix Film Festival, students get a discount on all tickets and for $20 you can get yourself into four movies. Not to mention for all you creative types, this is a great networking event without all the nervous dressing up and sweaty handshakes of job fairs.
Hey you could even take a cue from five year old me, and instead of dying your hair get a can of spray-on hair color from the dollar store and change up your look for the day. Or you could build a time machine, go back and time, share my can of spray on pink hair color and draw whiskers on your face so you match me for the day. But that might cost more.

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