Devil Dish

Published On:
Wednesday, September 3, 2008
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Thank God, football is back. A summer once salvaged by the Olympics is now salvaged once and for all by football.

Words like lick, tailgate and matchup. Things like touchdowns, sacks and upsets. Dreams of Roses, Oranges and glory.

College football is undeniably back. It couldn’t have come any sooner. While we may love MLB, we know that in the end, it just never cuts it.
We simply need something more.

Our relationship with football is like that of an old girlfriend we never stopped seeing. It’s exciting, expected, yet always a surprise. At times, it’s considerably painful. At other times, it’s full of joy, and the relationship never seems to last too long.

And despite all of this, we know we will always love football — I mean, our girlfriend.

So celebrate with me. Welcome back a sport that never turned back a shirtless man and always brings a good, well-deserved hit.

Cheer for the upsets, complain about the BCS, and pray, just pray, for something magical.