Wacky Wednesdays help volleyball team stay loose

10-15-09 Volleyball
Freshman outside hitter Ashley Kastl won the team’s Wacky Wednesday contest with a brown mullet wig and life preserver.(Photo courtesy of Kerry Howe)
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Thursday, October 15, 2009
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In the midst of a long season, teams will often find activities to try and relieve the stress and pressure of having to perform at a high level on a weekly basis.

Some teams go bowling, some teams throw pies in each other’s faces and others just get wacky.

Every couple of weeks, the ASU volleyball team dresses up in costumes, and practices as part of Wacky Wednesday, bringing in plenty of laughs.

When else would you see a girl in a mullet wig and life jacket dive to keep the ball in play?

“It’s a long season, and we just look for opportunities to break up the monotony of the season, and Wacky Wednesdays are something that can do that,” ASU coach Jason Watson said after the first Wacky Wednesday. “We still have work to do, and I will say they ran with the idea a little bit further than we were expecting.”

Wacky Wednesday debuted on Sept. 30 and will continue to take place roughly every other Wednesday.

The idea came from assistant coaches Brent Aldridge and Sammi Stuart.

Aldridge and Stuart were part of Watson’s staff at BYU and implemented Wacky Wednesdays there.

“It was every Wednesday at BYU,” Aldridge said. “One of the kids implemented it, and it just went from there, and we thought we’d see what kind of personalities we had here. Sammi and I were talking about it in the office, and Paige [Mittelstaedt] came in and we said something to her about it, and it kind of went from there.”

Some of the girls went out and bought costumes for that first day, but others already had outfits from Halloweens past.

Senior blocker Paige Mittelstaedt did her best “Flashdance” impression and wore purple spandex pants, a bright pink shirt and a scrunchy.

“I personally had my outfit already in my closet,” Mittelstaedt said, laughing. “It was just kind of old Halloween stuff and stuff we had for other things.”

Other girls went with an ’80s theme as well. Sophomore outside hitter Camri Zweisler, freshman middle blocker Erica Wilson and sophomore middle blocker Sonja Markanovich all rocked spandex and short shorts.

Sophomore outside hitter Sofie Schlagintweit had one of the most creative outfits of the day. Schlagintweit had bright orange leg warmers over black spandex, topped off by bright blue short shorts, and that was just her bottom half. She rocked a purple shirt with green duct tape on the stomach and wore a sports bra on the outside of her shirt. Topping it off was drawn-on black goggles and a blue bandana.

All of the freshmen earned praise for their creativity, and the award for best outfit on the first day went to freshman outside hitter Ashley Kastl, in an informal poll of the players and coaches.

“Ashley Kastl really pulled it out,” Mittelstaedt said. “She had a life vest on and a mullet wig that was pretty solid, and she painted on a moustache. It was pretty fun seeing all of the freshmen get into it.”

The normally blonde-haired Kastl pulled out a brown mullet wig that would make Andre Agassi blush. She added a life preserver, a bright orange Fry’s shirt, a drawn on moustache, black spandex, a multi-colored headband and blue feather boa to draw the laughs and praises.

Aldridge said it was one of the best outfits he had ever encountered, but not quite the best.

“We had a girl that wore sequined gloves and a matching unitard along with a cape,” Aldridge recounted. “Kastl’s was pretty good, I had never seen a life preserver during Wacky Wednesdays, but it’s good to see that there’s some personalities on this team.”

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