‘Doublemint Twins’ moving up in the film world

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009
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Twins seem to do everything together. They enjoy the same hobbies, eating the same foods and killing vampires together?

Killing vampires may not be No. 1, but it’s something that Natalie and Nicole Garza do together, at least in the movies.

The twins share the screen in the upcoming release “Transylmania,” a comedy that tells the story of a group of college kids studying abroad — not in a tropical, inviting location but instead at Razvan University located in Transylvania. The classes at Razvan University center not on science, math or literature, but instead on growing garlic, whittling stakes and how to properly handle a crossbow.

In a throwback to the good old pre-Stephenie Meyer days, “Transylmania” is done in the style of classic vampire flicks, where all you need is a good clump of garlic and a sturdy stake to defend yourself from blood-sucking beasts. It’s just that, instead of paying homage to the classics, the film parodies them.

The twins, who have been trying to make their way in Hollywood since 2000, have made appearances on television shows such as “The O.C.” and “How I Met Your Mother” and are best known as the Doublemint Twins for their appearance in a series of Wrigley commercials.

Growing up in a part of Miami that they described as “the ghetto,” the Garza twins had limited offerings for extracurricular activities in school and focused their energy on drama.

At the age of 10, they made a pact that when they turned 18, they would run away from home and head west for Hollywood. No one believed them, but when their 18th birthdays rolled around, they sold their car and took a Greyhound bus to California.

“We’re crazy,” the twins said in unison during a recent conference call with The State Press.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, the twins knew no one and had the idea that LA was “just one city.”

Lucky for them, they found a charitable cab driver, who, after hearing their story, drove them around the LA area for four days at no charge, helping them find a place to live.

The Garzas said their grandmother wouldn’t help them, and she frequently hung up the phone whenever they tried to reach her, offering only to fly them back home. They said they didn’t understand credit and had no idea of the high price of renting an apartment in Southern California.

Having no friends or connections in the area, they found themselves with no one to cosign on an apartment. In a fit of despair, the twins found themselves crying in public, when, in another instance of good luck, a man walking his dog asked them what was the matter. The twins told him, and he ended up cosigning for them.

From that point on, the Garza twins have experienced growing success, from small parts in television to their most current roles in “Transylmania,” in which they play twins Lia and Danni, who constantly try to one-up each other.

In the future, look for the twins’ reality show, which they are currently pitching to television networks.

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