Devil Dish: April 6

It was ugly. It was stomach-wrenching. And it certainly wasn’t Amar’e Stoudemire’s fault.If you haven’t seen the video of Andrew Bogut’s season-ending injury that twisted his elbow out of place, be sure to have a barf bag nearby.

In the Suns-Bucks game on Saturday, Stoudemire was trailing behind Bogut as Milwaukee’s star was going in for a fast-break dunk.

As Stoudemire placed his hand on Bogut’s back, Bogut’s momentum caused him to hang on the rim for an extra second as he finished his dunk.

Bogut, the first overall pick in the 2005 draft, then slipped and fell to the floor elbow-first, resulting in his freak and gruesome injury, which includes a dislocated right elbow, sprained wrist and broken right hand.

It’s disappointing for the Bucks, who have now lost a key component of their team for the rest of the season. Milwaukee’s chances of a serious playoff run just took a huge blow.

But I disagree with the flagrant foul call that Stoudemire was given. I watched the video numerous times in both normal speed and slow-motion, and it doesn’t appear that Stoudemire intentionally tried to harm Bogut.

Most people usually need to find someone to blame in such a situation, but freak accidents happen. Stoudemire isn’t at fault here.

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