The Naked Truth

In the very near future you might find yourself paying Chrissa Carolyn thousands of dollars to analyze your mind. You might find yourself spending a pretty penny asking her for advice on your sex life. Or, just maybe, you’ll remember her name when you hear her syndicated sex-talk program on some satellite radio station you subscribe to. In the meantime, you can see her perky smile and nubile breasts in October’s edition of Playboy magazine for just $5.99.

The Arizona State University junior made headlines last month when she, along with english literature senior Jamie Bradford, were selected to join 15 other girls in representing the Pac 10 in the renowned gentleman’s magazine.

As the pictures prove, Chrissa is as lovely as any woman featured in Playboy should be, but this coed is not just a hat rack. The 20-year-old psychology major is interested in studying human sexual behavior as well as the mind. She aspires to be a sex therapist one day and is even considering double majoring in broadcast journalism.

Chrissa, a member of the Tempe-based modeling group Tempe 12, doesn’t use her real last name when she models — Carolyn is her middle name. “I was worried about my career at first but now I’m more worried about a thousand friend requests and stalkers,” she says.

As part of Tempe 12, Chrissa is no stranger to scantily-clad poses; however, she admits that the Playboy pictorial is the first time she has been photographed in the buff.

“It was amazing,” Chrissa explains. “But it was a bit nerve-racking at first.” The idea to audition, she says, first came about during a television program. “I was watching ‘The Girls Next Door’ and thought they had such an amazing life,” Chrissa says. “I went online and saw that they were having an open-cast call in a month and a half, and now here I am.”

After getting a well-received response to her audition from Playboy, she immediately felt hesitant with the idea of having it posted on the Web. To Chrissa, the threat of nude photos surfacing later in her career was much more viable online than in print. But the photos ended up online and in print. “Now that they’re up I’m comfortable with them and excited,” Chrissa says.

Naturally her mother, who Chrissa described as very religious, took some convincing to get used to the idea of her daughter being showcased in the nude. “It took my mom a little time to come around but once she saw that the pictures were classy she was cool,” Chrissa says.

Her father didn’t find out until he read about it on

As for those would-be-employers that might take offense to her participation in the spread, Chrissa says she’s not concerned as of yet. “My current employers consist of cocktail services and waitressing, so right now it’s just an honor to have been featured,” she says. “In the future, if there is any profession that isn’t willing to accept my involvement, then I don’t want to be associated with that company.”

This bit of newfound celebrity is suiting her just fine. On Sept. 21, she and Bradford appeared at Campus Corner to sign copies of the magazine.

“It was shocking that people wanted me to sign my pictures,” Chrissa says. One guy even asked her to sign his baby… Seriously. “I hope he was kidding but he didn’t laugh or anything when he said it.”

Now that she has her foot in the door, becoming a full-fledged Playmate is next on her to-do list. “That’s my dream,” Chrissa says. She’s planning on attending another casting call next month in Los Angeles.

Although she is now a certified hottie, Chrissa's life as an ASU student goes on like most everyone else’s.

At the interview for this story, Chrissa wore blue jeans, a blue t-shirt and had her hair up in a ponytail. She’s as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as any other girl on campus. She left the interview and ran off to prepare for a statistics test. She had a geology test earlier that day. She worries about her results like any other student does and was up all night studying.

How does she feel about the tests? “I think I did OK."

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