Letter to the Editor: Feb. 14


(In response to Danielle Legler’s Feb. 9 article, "Police consider bike restrictions on campus.")

As a student who rides their bike three miles to ASU four days a week, I am disheartened by the talk to ban bikes on campus.

I understand that some people may be upset because bicyclists can get quite frustrated with pedestrians. I can’t count the number of times I’ve ridden my bike and a pedestrian steps right out in front of me, forcing me to make a hard break while they go on texting and not even looking up.

I feel that instead of a total bike ban they could try to institute some order. Maybe pedestrians walk on the right and faster modes of transportation take the center. Either way, to lay the blame purely on the bicyclists is ridiculous.

I make a point to pay attention to my surroundings and have never hit anyone, which is more than I can say for some pedestrians. I find it very annoying when pedestrians walk 10 across one direction making others (even other pedestrians) force their way through them.

Maybe instituting common sidewalk courtesy would be in better order. So if they ban bikes on campus what are bicyclists like me supposed to do?

As it is, most bike racks are full to overflowing now; we don’t have enough bike racks along the perimeter of school to handle the amount of bikes that would be parking along the edges of campus. I think more consideration should be given to this issue before banning an entire form of transportation.

Jamaica Popejoy Undergraduate Junior

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