Piece of Craft: Fun with Buttons

For crafters, buttons seem to be the one craft accessory that are continuously ubiquitous.I have an entire collection of buttons just hanging around, so I know how hard it can be to find uses for them.Most people can usually find a project that uses a button here or there, but never in mass quantities, so they never know what to do with their excess buttons.I find that buttons are the perfect item to use when making jewelry. Here are some great examples of wearable button fashion:

Purchase some sort of thin string and you can create a button necklace. This jewelry idea is great because it calls for a large quantity of buttons and they don’t all have to be one size or shape . In fact, I think the more inconsistent the button shapes and sizes are, the better. This inconsistent array of buttons makes for a more realistic or edgy necklace. You can make the necklace as long or as short as you want, and in about 20 minutes or less you will have a wonderful new piece of jewelry added to your collection.

In a similar fashion, you can also create a bracelet. Obviously, this will be smaller in length and call for less buttons, but same idea nonetheless.

Another great jewelry craft with buttons is making earrings. All you need is two buttons of the same size and shape, earring parts (earring backs and all), and some sort of superglue. Glue the earring parts on the back of your buttons and allow for them to dry.  Once dry, they are ready to wear—simple as that!

If you have really large buttons, you can superglue that button to a ring (the type of you can buy at any craft store with a disc or screen right on top in the center). You can even sew two or more buttons together and layer them to make a cool vintage looking ring.  Or if you have just some random buttons or pins, you can create great rings with them as well!

Making these button crafts is super easy. They are the perfect homemade gifts for friends that are easy and relatively inexpensive—just what us college students are looking for!

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