Piece of Craft: Melted Crayon Shapes

I’ve always found melted wax to be a fun medium to work with as the possibilities you can do with it are essentially endless. For awhile, I worked with melting crayons on canvas to make various shapes, patterns, and scenes. More recently, I have been melting crayon wax into different shapes using mini-cake pans (basically mini-cupcake pans) and the oven. This is an infamous children’s craft because it’s perfect for entertaining young kids when babysitting or if you have younger siblings. It’s also just a pretty cool craft though for anyone interested in making some pretty fun shapes with melted wax.

This fun melted crayon craft is very easy to make. Just cut up pieces of crayons of different colors and put them in a mini-cake pan. You can have fun with this by using different shaped cake pans like hearts, circles, stars, or any other shaped cake pan that tickles your fancy. You can also try and make patterns and designs within each tin by using only certain colored crayon pieces in your cake pans. Once you have each space filled, place your baking pan in a preheated oven of 150 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until all the crayon pieces are melted. Leave the pan out until your wax shapes have cooled. They should pop right out of the pan no problem once cooled, but if they are sticking, pop it in the freezer for a few minutes and they should come right out.

What can you do with this shaped crayons? Personally, I just like the look of them—they’re so fun and colorful! But, you can also still draw with them as you would normal crayons. Have fun with this project and let me know about the projects YOU are working on!

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