Letter to the editor: June 13

In response to Blair Reese’s May 31 letter to the editor, “God is Good.”


Just a quick response. The views which you represented above are the views of a certain “branch” within christianity – Arminianism. I believe if you study the Bible a little bit closer, you’ll find that the God of the Bible, as the Bible has portrayed him to be, is sovereign above the will of his creation. This means that the Holy will of God is not subject to the decisions of mankind; in other words, mankind cannot change God’s master plan, as doing so would limit your God’s omnipotence. There are many passages in the Bible that talk about God and His “elect”; the people He has chosen before time to save. The Bible teaches that salvation is a gift from God, not based on any works we do.

I did not mean for my column to be an “attack” on your faith. I was trying to point out a contradiction I believe is present in the Bible, regarding the nature of God. If you in any way believed I was personally attacking you or your faith, I apologize, for this is not the case.

I wish you the best.

Sean McCauley

The State Press opinion writer

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