Devil Dish: Sept. 1

You know that tingling feeling you get on your arms that you get when you know something exciting is happening?

The D-Backs are not on a nine-game tear and show no signs of letting up anytime soon.

Now, I’m not suggesting the City of Phoenix go overboard and start drawing up plans for the championship parade in November.

But the Diamondbacks should start thinking about playoff ticket sales.

The crazy thing is that no one can honestly say they predicted that the team would be six games ahead of the defending World Series champions come September.

Instead, Arizona has followed the formula that has worked so well in the past, when a bunch of talented but underrated players suddenly band together and realize they have the ability to make noise and reach the playoffs.

The D-Backs may not be receiving the national love that the Brewers or the Phillies are getting, but the team has the sixth-best record in baseball right now. Not to mention that the NL West could be the most competitive division this year.

Let’s hope they keep this up. It’d be nice to see Sedona Red in the playoffs again.

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