How to: Make Feather Earrings

Feather earrings are the perfect accessory for the hot weather. They can easily compliment a comfy sundress or make a sleek party dress look exotic. If these are the looks you are looking for this season, consider feather earrings. From Claire’s to Urban Outfitters to boutiques and shops on Mill Avenue, feather earrings can be found in almost any store that sells accessories. The prices range from affordable to expensive and the patterns are usually very similar. So if you want to get your hands on feather earrings without spending a lot or worrying about someone else having your earrings, make your own. The project is fun, cheap and easy.


Feathers (prints and plain colors go very nicely together) Flat-nose pliers Leverback earrings Malleable wire (gold or silver) Round-nose pliers Wire cutters


1. Choose two to three feathers that blend well together. Line all the stems up evenly and firmly hold the feathers between your thumb and index finger. You should hold the feathers directly under where you want to begin your wiring.

2. Based on the length of the stems, estimate the amount of wire you will need. Cut this length with the wire cutter. (Tip: If you do not cut enough the first time around, you can easily cut more and add wire until you have enough.)

3. Firmly hold the feathers as stated in step 1 and begin to loop the wire around all of the stems. (Tip: You can use the pliers to make the loops tight. But if you are going for a more handmade look, you may want to loop the wire with your fingertips. Just be careful not to stab yourself with the wire.)

4. Loop the wire around until you are about a half-inch away from the top. Then, make an open circle or hook with the wire using the flat-nose pliers.

5. Take the leverback earring and hook the wire into the small hole on the bottom of the earring. Make sure you connect the earring so that your feathers are facing the correct way when you put them on. Then, close the wire by either tucking it into one of the loops or bending it inward. (Tip: Before you close the wire, hold the feather earring up to your ear to make sure it is not backwards.

6. Open up the feathers so they look fuller. This works especially well with synthetic feathers.

7. Make a matching earring.

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