Police Beat: Sept. 26

ASU police reported the following incidents Friday:


  • An unknown person or persons broke into a truck on the 900 block of South McAllister Avenue on Tuesday and stole a camera system in the vehicle, according to a police report.A 58-year-old ASU employee left the Isuzu surplus truck unlocked for about 10 minutes next to a building, police reported.

    The man told police the back-up camera system’s monitor used for reversing was allegedly stolen from inside the cab, according to the report.

    The man told the officer the monitor was sitting on top of the dash of the driver’s side and the connecting wires were cut, but the man was uncertain if the serial number was on the monitor, police reported.

    The estimated cost of the monitor is about $250 and there are no leads or suspects at this time, according to the report.

  • An 18-year-old woman was the victim of alleged stolen identity Wednesday, according to a police report.The ASU student notified ASU Police after she was on her Facebook account when a chat message popped up from her friend asking the woman what the name of her first pet was as a survey question, police reported.

    The women knew this was a Facebook security question but was assured by the friend her account was safe, according to the report.

    After the woman answered the question, the friend revealed to be someone else, telling the woman her Facebook and myASU accounts would be hacked, according to the report.

    The unknown hacker told the woman her classes would get dropped unless she sent nude photos of herself to the person, police reported.

    After the woman refused, she began to receive text notifications via cell phone that changes were being made to her Facebook account and was also locked out of the account as well as her Hotmail account because the password had been changed, according to the report.

    Police advised the woman to reset her account at www.facebook.com/hacked, contact ASU’s University Technology Office, as well as check on her Chase Bank account to make sure nothing else was hacked, police reported. The woman later told police that her bank account was unharmed because everything was in her mother’s name, according to the report.

    The woman said she is willing to aid in prosecution, but the case is pending, police reported.


Reports compiled by Shawn Raymundo. Reach the reporter at sraymund@asu.edu


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