Devil Dish: Nov. 16

My allegiance to the NBA is fleeting and apathetic, so I wasn’t disappointed when the 2012 season started rapidly vanishing into thin air.

For those who are saddened by the prospect of no basketball, my challenge is to take this as a chance to get to know new sports.

Cycling. Yes, at first it just seems like a bunch of people doing something we mastered at a young age.

Examine it more closely and you’ll start to cringe with excitement when two cyclists pass closely without crashing and hold your breath when someone pulls away from the pack to make a run at victory.

Tennis. A halfhearted glance at a match won’t blow you away, but sit down and watch the full sets.

As the fuzzy, yellow sphere is shot across the court, you’ll find yourself getting caught up in the drama of each point.

Losing the NBA season will be unpleasant for some, but fill that void with sports that fall lower on the popularity totem pole.

I promise you that the same competitive ferocity and athletic stamina found in basketball can be found and appreciated in other sports.


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