Editorial: Redesigning your newspaper

Welcome to the new State Press.

For the past few weeks, The State Press staff has been working on a complete makeover of the newspaper. You will get a chance to enjoy what we’ve come up with over the next three days.

We decided the paper needed a more visually striking design — one that would be more appealing to our readership. The front page will now grab your attention in a way it never has before. The paper will be easier to flip through, read and digest between classes, or on your lunch break.

It has been decades since The State Press has made a change this dramatic, but we are doing it for you.

We’ve carefully curated our stories and photographs to bring you content that impacts your life in a vibrant, easy-to-read package.

The news cycle has changed and so have your reading habits. News hits your cellphone or laptop long before you have the chance to pick up The State Press on campus. That’s why we created a product that speaks more to the college experience — a product that ties traditional print news to new forms of digital media.

We want you more involved in the process of creating The State Press, both in print and online. Look for QR codes to lead you to our website and reader responses from Twitter, Facebook and statepress.com throughout the paper.

Though the paper has a different look, our foundation is still the same. Our objective is still to cover ASU better than anyone else. This is a whole new way of experiencing The State Press, a news organization that has served the ASU community since 1890.

The print edition of The State Press isn’t the only thing that has received a makeover. We have started to integrate more comprehensive multimedia to our website since the beginning of the semester. If you haven’t seen it, we encourage you to go online and experience our content in a brand new way.

For now, this print redesign is only a trial. The State Press that you’re used to will return after Thanksgiving weekend, but we want to hear your opinion of this new format. Is it easier to read? Does it work well with your campus lifestyle? Those are our goals, and we need your input to make sure we reach them.

Many college students can’t remember a time before the Internet was so easily accessible, and this generation is at the forefront of the digital age. Your student newspaper should reflect that.

Enjoy what we’ve created, because we created it for you. This is your State Press.


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