Piece of Craft: Swirled Paint Ornaments

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone, so it’s officially holiday season—a time consumed with lights, decoration, wrapping paper and buying gifts. No matter what religion you may affiliate with, there’s no denying that this time of year is an exciting and joyful one. There’s always something to be decorating, baking buying or just downright enjoying. As a crafter, this is the time of year you can be creative in everything you do, from the gifts you give to the decorations found throughout your house.

Today, I want to focus on tree ornaments. I don’t really celebrate Christmas anymore (we used to go to my grandparent’s house on my mom’s side every year when I lived back East, but now we are strictly Hanukkah celebrators), but I’m obsessed with Christmas trees. I’ve begged my dad to let us get one every year without much success. This year though, I’m pretty sure my mom and I are just doing what we want in this regard anyway, so finally, I can make some amazing ornaments for the tree.

Thanks to my friend Mackenzie, I came across these awesome paint swirled ornaments. To make these, all you need are the glass ornaments in whatever size you want (available at Michaels), cheap paint, and colorful string. First, remove the ornament cap and pour a good amount of your desired paint color into the ornament.  Swirl the paint inside the ornament bulb, giving it a swirled look.  Allow each ornament to dry overnight, or for about 12 hours or so.  Then put the ornament cap back on and use a piece of colorful string so you can place it on the tree.

These ornaments are really easy to make and spice up your DIY tree, and they’re a very low-cost project! So try making them, bake some cookies, put on “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” while wearing a sweater and get in the holiday mood!

For any questions or comments feel free to e-mail me, as always, at fbreisbl@asu.edu.

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