New Mill Avenue sweet shop caters to ASU students

Tempe’s Mill Avenue District has a new place to grab dessert with the goal of attracting ASU students.

Slickables, which opened just before the start of spring semester, is owned and operated by Tempe residents Sam Chang and his wife Tina Chau. Slickables is the duo’s first business venture.

After deciding to leave their corporate jobs and become small business owners, the couple took a cross-country road trip to find the best location for their shop.

“We wanted to set up some place near a large college campus with a warm, consistent climate,” Chang said. “We drove all the way through southern California, Texas and went all the way to Florida before we finally ended up here in Tempe.”

When they were young, Chau of Hong Kong  and Chang of Taiwan left their native countries with their respective families.

Although Slickables has only been open for less than a month, its budget friendly prices and welcoming atmosphere have already produced a small, but loyal assortment of frequent customers, including freelance construction manager Houman Sanayei.

“Visually, it is a really appealing place, and it caters to people like students who usually can’t shell out a lot of money for a dessert,” Sanayei said. “That is really rare these days.”

The main product sold at Slickables is an ice cream cookie sandwich with one large ice cream scoop fixed between two large cookies chosen from a wide spectrum of flavors.

“It’s the perfect cookie,” Chau said.

Chau said they pride themselves on using all-natural ingredients and baking their cookies fresh every day.

“We think of it as a science, really,” Chau said. “All of our cookies need to be soft enough for the ice cream, so when you eat the sandwich, the ice cream doesn’t squeeze out.”

The ice cream sandwiches were sold for $1 as a part of the grand opening sale but the price changed to $2 on Sunday.

“People have been very receptive to us so far,” Chau said. “We are getting a large amount of ASU students, which is really what we need in order to survive.”

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Correction: Due to a reporting error, the time period for the grand opening price special was misstated. This story has been updated to reflect the changes.

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