Obama re-election campaign sinks to new low

As Republicans continue debating, our incumbent president continues to try and fix our nation.

Unfortunately for him, he must eventually face the GOP nominee. This means he must prepare for the upcoming election as well.

Taking perhaps the first steps, in a recent campaign video, President Obama recently reached out to probably his most dissevered, unreliable and inaccessible voting base: African-American voters.

If you think you read that wrong, you did.

Ignoring the fact that he received 96 percent of African-American votes the first time around and the fact that he currently maintains an 89 percent approval rating from blacks--which is hard to believe, taking into account the collapsed economy, unemployment levels and African-American wages--Obama’s video launched the 2012 “African Americans For Obama” campaign. Do I even have to say it?

Imagine if Mitt Romney’s campaign suddenly began “Whites for Romney.” Clearly, there is a double standard here.

Another interesting thing to note is in the video President Obama seems to breach the political divide of the separation of church and state, calling for African-Americans to become “congregation captains” for his campaign.

But isn’t it the Democrats who always shove the separation of church and state argument down the throats of Republicans?

I used to think so, but the fact that the ACLU isn’t all over this makes me think that I could be wrong.

So what does this announcement really mean?

Is President Obama really terrified of losing his most loyal voting base?

It’s not like Herman Cain is still in the race, Mr. President, you shouldn’t have to win the black vote by singling them out during Black History Month.

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what this means.

On its own, this move isn’t politically savvy. My guess is that the immense political backlash from libertarian and conservative columnists is not the kind of press he would have wanted for his re-election campaign. After all, doesn’t Fox News now have something else to add to its nightly anti-Obama list?

Whatever the purpose, “African Americans For Obama” is an insulting, hypocritical, un-American political mess that represents an incumbent president who is desperately trying to cling to an office he no longer deserves and probably never deserved at all.

Is this the best you can do, Barack?


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