Devil Dish: March 29

Opening Day is one of the most exciting days in baseball.

The stadium is open for the first time and the team starts its new season.

Teams have parades, concerts and all kinds of Opening Day ceremonies.

Opening Day brings a new sense of optimism for baseball fans everywhere. Fans all over the country will be saying, “This is the year.”

Even though it is probably is not. (Sorry Cubs fans.)

For me though, Opening Day is a sad day.

It should be named Closing Day because it means the end of one of my favorite sporting traditions: spring training.

Sometimes I get criticism because I enjoy going to the Cactus League spring training games more than actual regular season games.

Arizona is never better than in March. Fans get to see their favorite teams that might not play in Arizona too much.

I love going to the smaller spring training stadiums with the sun shining.

I am not a big fan of going to Chase Field with the roof closed. Baseball is not meant to be played indoors.

However, don’t get me wrong, I like the start of the season.

And who knows, maybe “this is the year.”


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