Piece of Craft: Essential Crafting Tools

It could just be me, but sometimes when I’m working with different materials, I feel very confined to them, like I can’t use any outside tools when obviously there is an endless amount of things to use.  For example, if I’m making a necklace and found a cool rock or something I want to use for a pendant, I used to literally have no idea how to create a pendant.  Sometimes I would try wrapping it in wire so it would hang from a chain or string, but I’m not skilled enough with wire to make something like that look nice.  Instead, I could have used a drill here, which sounds like such an easier solution than what I could find at the time.

Drills are great because they’re actually easy to use and as long as you have the right drill bits for the piece of material you’re attempting to drill through, you’re golden and will have made an awesome hole fit for your creation.

Another tool I’ve come across in the past recent months is a glass cutter. If you ever want to work with glass at all, for example to cut a hole, this is an awesome tool.  I’d be a little weary if you’ve never used one before (and please, for all these tools, be careful!) but it isn’t too hard to use as well.

In my opinion, there are a few must haves for any crafter. First: pliers. You never know when you’re going to need a good pair of pliers. I end up using them a lot for jewelry making with clasps, pendants, metal rings and things of that nature. They are generally a very useful tool.  Also, going along this same line, make sure you have a good pair of scissors that can cut through most fabrics easily, thin metal, and even thin wood if possible -- the ones I have were my mom’s when she used to do a lot of basket weaving.  An Exact-o knife is also an important tool.  Most people have used it at one time or another, so it’s fairly common, and cuts through a lot of materials.

Other common things to keep on hand: paint brushes, sharpies of all colors, all kinds of glue, and paint.  Most of these items are essentials for most crafts so it’s important to have them because you never know when you may need them!

If you have any questions about any of these crafting tools or how to use them e-mail me at fbreisbl@asu.edu.

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