Broke's the New Black: Looking Forward to Summer

We’ve got one week left, as if you didn’t already know. I’ve been counting down the days until summer break for weeks and can’t wait for a schedule of nothing but summer. As the heat rises, so has my obsession with the latest summer fashions. Here are some of my most recent devotions:

Printed Wedges

First spotted while on a shopping mission at Nordstrom, patterned wedges are everywhere. I noticed them in every shoe department and in every color. A play on the typical wedge with straps or fabric that display some geometric or floral print, these new shoes incorporated the print into the wedge itself.

Coral Nails

Although this trend isn’t revolutionary, there is something about coral nails that has caught my eye recently. Whether it’s the fact that tangerines are trending right now or that coral is cute regardless, I can’t get enough of it. There are so many shades of coral that any skin color can find a complement.

Messy Up-Do’s

Due to the recent Pinterest craze, I can’t help but stumble upon countless cute hairstyles, including irresistible up-dos. I busted this one out at a rehearsal dinner I attended last weekend. The compliments were endless for a hairstyle that took me a total of 20 minutes!

Fringe Bikinis

Even though I have yet to invest in one myself, it is surely one of the next items of my “must-have” list. These bikinis are available in any color and accentuate exactly what us ladies want it to, but in a naturally carefree style. Coincidentally, a fellow SPM blogger recently wrote about how to make your own. Now who’s ready for summer?

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