Devil Dish: April 23

It was cute for a while, but the pandemonium surrounding Blake Griffin needs to stop. Now.

Before I go on with my rant, allow me to explain what I like about Griffin. I thought he was a hero at Oklahoma. It’s amazing what he has statistically accomplished in his first two active seasons in the NBA, and I acknowledge he’s a lot more than just a dunker. I even had the privilege of meeting him at the NBA Summer League.

Now, I’ll switch from the good to the bad.

It’s disgusting how much preferential treatment the NBA is giving him. It started with the league overselling his ho-hum dunk over the hood of a car. Now, he has become a serial flopper and often gets away with it.

I find it laughable that the officials harshly punish a player for committing a hard foul against him, but will condone Griffin pushing big men down with his off-arm on a contact dunk and giving them the “death stare” right after, abusing them physically and mentally.

Again, I don’t have many problems with Griffin personally or as a player, but please, enough with the exaggerated lovefest.


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