Editorial: The Pitchfork ID Mastercard Check Card

How many times have you lost your Sun Card? It’s usually no big deal, right? You drop it on a run, in between class or somewhere you just can’t remember, but the loss is only momentary. You may be stranded outside of your dorm or unable to print anything until you get a new one, but a couple minutes in line, a $25 charge to your student account, and you’re ready to go with a new card in hand.  It’s not like you lost your entire wallet or purse and are now unable to pay for lunch or gas or anything that might require a debit card. This will change.

MidFirst Bank signed an 11-year contract with ASU to be the exclusive sponsor for athletic events and banking products such as the new Pitchfork ID MasterCard Check Card. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.

This sponsorship doesn’t extend only to scoreboard advertisements at Sun Devil Stadium but also into your pocket. The new Pitchfork ID MasterCard Check Card (say that three times fast) will replace the traditional Sun Card and give students the option to have their student info, housing access, and here’s the kicker, banking information, all in one card. The “option” concept is a little sketchy because you will still be able to “opt out” of the new card, but the traditional Sun Card will only allow you to access M&G, your dorm, the YMCA downtown, the rec center and your exams. There will be no more Sun Dollars and no more swiping your Sun Card for a refreshing can of soda from a vending machine. You won’t be able to use your Sun Card at campus health or parking services or the bookstore. So, unless you switch over to the Pitchfork ID MasterCard Check Card, the only real purpose your Sun Card will serve would be proof of identification.

Where is the necessity? Why should we willingly set up a new account with a new bank?

Parents of freshmen who are living on their own for the first time might see this as a great chance to monitor the spending habits of their children — if they are supporting them. Surely, depositing a monthly or weekly allowance is a lot easier when only one account is receiving funds. Parents just see “multiple deposits” with Sun Dollars and M&G.

This would also cut down on the number of cards you keep in your wallet and it would make purchasing items that are currently unavailable via Sun Dollars much easier. There would be no more need for a “laundry card,” or separate funds for books, supplies, etc.

To that end, don’t take our word for it. Pamphlets with more information on the changes are available in the Tempe campus MidFirst Bank location. It will take some time to adjust to the new card, but it could become quite useful for incoming freshmen.


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