Letters: April 11

Students of ASU,

This week, on April 10 and 11, you have the opportunity to participate in student government elections.  In some elections (Undergraduate Student Government at Tempe and Polytechnic) the elections are uncontested while in others (Undergraduate Student Government Downtown and West and the Graduate and Professional Student Association), two candidates are running for each executive seat.  Regardless of whether or not elections are contested, it is important for all students to take the time to log in to www.asu.edu/votenow and cast their ballot.  Here are some reasons that you should participate in student government elections:

  • Your student governments control several million dollars in student fee money.
  • Your student government representatives regularly meet with ASU administration to negotiate issues ranging from building plans to healthcare to tuition and fees to changes in University policy and the student code of conduct.
  • Your student government representatives meet with Arizona legislators to lobby them on issues affecting higher education in our state (i.e. funding, academic freedom, guns on campus, etc).
  • Our voter turnout numbers are used by some Arizona legislators to argue that we are not actually representative of the student body.
  • Candidates’ platforms are essentially contracts with their student constituents.  You should be aware of what candidates are proposing so that you can hold them accountable to their campaign promises.
  • The University of Arizona already had student government elections and approximately 10% of the student body participated.  ASU can surely get a better voter turnout than that!
Make sure you are informed about candidates and then vote on April 10 and 11!  Whether or not you see it, the actions of your student government representatives affect you in tangible ways every day.  You have the ability to have a say in this process.  It would be a shame if you missed out!


Rhian Stotts

Vice President of External Affairs, Graduate and Professional Student Association



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