‘Punk’d’ returns with Bieber’s pranks

After its five-year break, the reality show created by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg, “Punk’d,” made its return to MTV on March 29. For those unfamiliar with the premise of the show, the prank-based series serves to unveil a side of celebrities who fall victim to careful scheming.

In the premiere episode of the ninth season, the overwhelmingly popular teen star Justin Bieber replaced Kutcher’s role as host.

The undeniably hilarious Kutcher produced and hosted the show for several years and was a staple for the production. Although he is not going to be the central schemer this season, Kutcher is still working on the show as the executive producer.

“Punk’d” concluded its eighth season in 2007, and has made its return with a few adjustments to the protocol. Season nine will incorporate a different host with each episode.

Some of these various celebrity hosts will include Miley Cyrus, Kellan Lutz and Bam Margera.

Some may ask, “Why choose Justin Bieber as a host?” Within the first few minutes of the show, Bieber states that Ashton called him and asked him to do so.

If the prankster king says it shall be, then it shall be.

Bieber also mentioned this opportunity was perfect because pranking is one of his hobbies.

Taylor Swift was selected as the first “Punk’d” victim of the season probably because of her sweetness and gullibility. Despite his international stardom, Bieber humbly described that he was nervous about pulling off the task.

Immediately following this, Bieber enthusiastically stated, “I just want to blow things up.”

Without hesitation, the tranquil Swift agreed to join Bieber at his beach-side studio to supposedly write music—putting herself in a perfectly susceptible position.

Swift arrived at Bieber’s studio wearing a modest red dress and simple striped sweater with her hair in a relaxed ponytail. Much to her dismay, Bieber and his buddies began to set off fireworks from the deck and into the ocean.

After she hesitantly agreed to press a button to set off a firework, Swift and the rest of the crew noticed that they had set a boat on fire.

In an overly dramatic fashion, members of a supposed wedding party came swimming and sailing up to the shore after they had jumped ship.

Once Swift was in tears, they revealed themselves as actors who were working with Bieber.

“I was about to pass out. I thought, ‘This is the end.’  I’m going in a jail cell forever because Justin Bieber made me push a button,” Swift said.

In the second portion of the premiere episode, Bieber failed to pull off the prank. Bieber chose Rob Dyrdek of “Fantasy Factory” and “Rob and Big” as his second victim, but because Dyrdek works with MTV, he was aware that “Punk’d” was returning.

Bieber and Dyrdek joined forces to play the same prank on singer Sean Kingston.

Unlike Swift, Kingston barely showed emotion throughout the entirety of the prank, which they named “Crash Course” because it involved a loud fight between a couple and a resulting car crash.

In the third portion of the episode, the trickery got complicated. Cyrus, who is said to be one of the celebrity hosts in this season, thought it was her turn to prank Bieber.

Bieber played along with Cyrus’s prank for several minutes, but turned the joke back on Cyrus and let her arranged situation get out of hand.

The truly captivated Cyrus sat watching Bieber with her mouth wide open, frequently gasping and saying, “Oh my God.”

After Cyrus watched Bieber pretend to beat another teenager to the ground, she exited her hiding spot in preparation to reveal the truth of her scheming. Bieber continued his prank until he felt that Cyrus had done enough nail biting about the situation — literally, she was biting her nails.

Once amends were made between the two tricksters, Bieber made a closing statement to the camera as he drove away in his luxury car.

“It’s a great day, but it’s also a sad day. It’s my last day at ‘Punk’d.’ I don’t really know what I’m going to do with my life. I’ll probably go on tour, you know, for a bunch of people. So that will be exciting.”

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