Devil Dish: July 9

Do general managers no longer run teams in the NBA? It seems the players do all of the negotiating and recruiting to make their teams better.

It all started with the Miami Heat and the infamous “Decision” LeBron James put together about two years ago, cockily stating he was “taking (his) talents to South Beach."

The tactic worked for the Heat. After making it to the NBA Finals for the second consecutive season, Miami beat the Oklahoma City Thunder in five games and won the championship.

Teams all around the association have taken notice and stars are all figuring out ways to join forces and create super teams similar to the one in Miami.

For instance, former Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers via his request and Kobe Bryant’s pleading.

Something also seems to be brewing in Brooklyn. After acquiring shooting guard Joe Johnson in a trade with the Atlanta Hawks and re-signing point guard Deron Williams, the Nets are still pursuing the biggest name on the market right now, center Dwight Howard.

It’s the way of the NBA now, sign three or four all-stars and place decent role players around them to try and win a championship. What happened to drafting a team and winning with grown talent?








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