D-backs should be applauded for suspending Grace

Mark Grace, one of the valley’s most popular sports icons, was the Diamondback’s television color analyst until Aug. 24, when the team suspended him for his second violation of driving under the influence in the last 15 months.

It’s refreshing to see an organization stand strong with its morals and let go of a fan favorite in a world that seems so adamant on second chances.

Teens and younger children look upon these athletes and former athletes as role models, but it seems like a majority of them are clueless to that fact.  A problem with many of these situations is that most of the athletes get two, and sometimes three chances to redeem themselves and stay in their respective leagues after having a run-in with the law.

Drunk driving, domestic violence, marijuana possession, and aggravated assault aren’t supposed to be taken lightly. How morally correct is it for teens to grow up in a world where it seems acceptable to often be guilty of disorderly conduct?

Teams and organizations around the world of professional sports should model after the Diamondbacks and definitely suspend players with more than one offense.

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