Boos & Bravos: Sept. 21

Boo to for posting the predicted snowfall for Phoenix 365 days a year and 366 days for leap years. That's some valuable real estate that's getting taken up with a statistic that any meteorologist, even ones in Arizona, can predict with 100 percent accuracy, every day. You might as well put the chance of puppies falling from the sky. With the crazy things weather is doing these days, we feel that's got a better chance of happening.

Bravo to the ASU Athletic Department. This year, the program has been pushing more than past seasons to get fans and students in the Sun Devil community involved with ASU’s sports teams, notably by allowing them to choose the football team’s uniforms for this Saturday’s game vs. Utah and against UCLA on Homecoming. We hope it ultimately leads to more support and better attendance at games.

Boo to the ginormous lines at Starbucks at the Memorial Union. It isn’t even midterms yet and it already takes an hour to get through the line. Pro-tip: Bring your own coffee to save time and money. Support ASU Student Media with the money that you save.

Bravo to 5-year-old Andrew Burkhart and his parents. The family is so dedicated to curing Andrew's cerebral palsy that they seek medical attention not only in other states, but also across the U.S.-Mexico border. Andrew has remained relentlessly positive and continues to improve each day.

Boo-ravo to Chick-fil-A for announcing that it would no longer “give money” to anti-gay groups and refrain from engaging in political issues. When asked about to comment, a representative told The New York Daily News that the company would “leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena,” but didn’t say anything about ending the donations.


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