Students under investigation for assault following slap fight in Downtown residence hall

ASU Police reported the following incident Tuesday:


  • A 19-year-old Chino Hills, Calif., woman and a 19-year-old Tempe man are awaiting a final police report for a Sept. 20 assault on the 100 block of Taylor Street, according to a police report.Police arrived at Taylor Place residence hall after the woman’s cousin called police from California to report disorderly conduct, police reported.

    The woman called her cousin earlier to explain the incident, according to the report.

    A man and his friends were in the 12th floor hallway when the woman and her friends approached, police reported.

    The man told police the woman, whom he had known for a few weeks, was complaining about her phone and was bothering the men, according to the police.

    He told the woman to go to her room if she was going to complain, police reported.

    Police interviewed the man, woman and her friends to determine who initiated the assault, according to the report.

    Police reported that the woman slapped the man with an open arm on his shoulder after the man slapped the woman on the back of the arm and thigh.

    Witnesses told police the slapping continued until the man grabbed the back of the woman’s neck and “forced her down to the floor,” according to the report.

    The woman told the man to stop and returned to her room, police reported.

    The man entered the room to apologize, even though the room’s occupants said he could not come in, according to the report.

    A witness told police the man threatened to hit her if she continued to talk about it, police reported.

    Police are investigating the man for trespassing and both the man and woman for disorderly conduct, police reported.


Report compiled by Maria Thompson.

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