Fantasy football ruins fandom

Fantasy football is enjoyed by plenty of people. It gives people an opportunity to “manage” their own football team by drafting, trading, releasing and signing players. While the opportunity to run a team and compete against friends is enjoyable, fantasy football also ruins a bit of the fandom in football.

Whenever players on someone’s fantasy team are going up against a person’s favorite team, a conflict is created. Who do you root for? Do you want your favorite team to win, or do you want your fantasy team to win so you can brag to your roommates and friends?

Oftentimes, it seems people want their fantasy player to perform just well enough to help the fantasy team win, but not quite good enough to help the real team. While I admittedly do the same thing, this is such an absurd concept.

It is impossible to cheer for players on both sides of a contest, but with the rise in popularity of fantasy football — and sports’ fans inherent competitive nature — it seems this may simply be an unavoidable fact of life.

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