Kobe, Nash will likely coexist in Los Angeles

With the Lakers’ training camp in session, many people doubt that Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash can co-exist in Los Angeles, notably due to Bryant’s history of selfishness.

Actually, Nash and Bryant should make a perfect, symbiotic relationship.

Bryant is an intelligent basketball player — he has arguably the highest basketball IQ in the NBA — and he was the one that wanted Nash the most in L.A. The two-time NBA Finals MVP has frequently looked to his teammates to step up during championship seasons and only demands the ball when he feels the Lakers’ offense isn’t working.

Bryant has never played with an elite caliber point guard like Nash and knows he would have to defer the ball.

Nash, who will be 39 when the playoffs begin, has carried teams all throughout his career, and comes to L.A. on a team full of stars, shooters and slashers that can put him closer to a championship more than ever. Nash’s assists average should remain at a high level, if not higher, by dishing the ball to Bryant where he operates best on offense, and ultimately keeping Bryant’s statistics efficient (specifically in scoring and field-goal percentage) efficient as well.

Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

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