October is sports’ best month

Hands down, October is the best sports month of the year.

Between the baseball playoffs and the middle of the NFL and college football seasons, there is always something to watch.

October provides avid sports fans with constant storylines and excitement. Take this past weekend for example, there were five Top 25 matchups in college football, Peyton Manning squared off against Tom Brady and the baseball playoffs got underway.

Yes, March is known for the NCAA tournament and those games are thrilling, but that is only one sport and March Madness does not last the entirety of the month. The beauty of October is that multiple sports are simultaneously going at some of their most compelling points of the season for an entire 31 days.

The baseball playoffs speak for themselves, since everything is at stake. Every little mistake is magnified and teams never know when their seasons are going to end.

After beginning the season with a few cupcake wins, college football teams find themselves in the heart of their schedules. Conference races begin to shape up and teams start vying for bowl eligibility and position.

This is also the month NFL teams find out who they really are. Pretenders are often exposed and the truly elite teams will head into November knowing what is necessary for a playoff berth.

Oh, and Halloween isn’t bad either.

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