Police find intoxicated man passed out on bus after urinating in it

ASU Police reported the following incident Friday:

  •  A Tempe man was arrested Sept. 11 at Forest Avenue and 11th Street on suspicion of minor in consumption, public urination and nuisance, according to a police report.

    Police found the man asleep on the backbench of a bus after the driver had picked him up at Lot 59, police reported. A passenger told the driver that the man was urinating on the bus before the man passed out on the seat, according to the police report.

    Police made several attempts to wake the man up, police reported.

    An officer was successful after applying pressure to one of the man’s pressure points, according to the police report.

    The man held a fifth of tequila and told officers he drank half of it before getting on the bus, police reported.

    Officers brought the man to the ASU Police Department, where he was cited for minor in consumption and public nuisance, according to the police report.


Report compiled by Maria Thompson.

Reach the reporter at mkthomp5@asu.edu

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